Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In the Loving of June

The wind in the willow has always been
One of her favorite tunes
The deeper blue of late evening
Is her favorite back-drop for June
She loves to linger a moment too long
Where daisies and buttercups sigh
She loves to revel in midnight’s song
Beneath the cool of the sky

She loves the passion and wanderlust
That draws her from slumbers repose
She loves the scent of dew-laden dust
Tinged with the breath of a rose
She loves the murmur of green and blue
In summer’s pure work of art
She loves the whispering thoughts of you
Curving against her heart

She always thought for everything lost
Love gives something in return
But she never fathomed the bittersweet cost
Or the depths to which loving can yearn
She never fathomed that summer and love
Could leave in an afternoon
She never fathomed the bitter-sweet hurt
Wrapped up in the loving of June


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