Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet Little Girl

Let me hold your hand a little longer
Lose myself in your sweet smile
Little hands make mothers stronger
Smiles brighten a weary mile

Far too quickly you are stolen
From the carefree childhood mead
Far too quickly dreams are calling
Eagerly their voice you heed

Sweet little girl, you are my sunshine
And your giggles are my song
You’re a treasure, briefly mine
Before life carries you along

Sweet little girl, a breath of heaven
Sent to grace the earth below
What a privilege I’ve been given
Just to love and watch you grow


Tonight Victoria and I enjoyed a very special night
out together, just the two of us...
well with approx. 50 other mothers and daughters:))
It was a great evening with the focus being
simply that we are all special creations of God.
While the message was somewhat directed to these girls (ages 10-14:)
I'm sure it was also very much intended as gentle reminders for us moms. We are all special in God's eyes!
Parents, here are a few activities we did tonight that you may like to try with your own sons and daughters.
1. Make a list of things you would like to do together this summer, just the two of you. You should each have at least ten things. (child and parents each creates a list)
2. Write 10 compliments about each other for each other.
3. Draw an outline of a person and pretend its you and write what you like about the way God made you!
4. write up a 'no name calling' pledge and sign it. (You 'Klutz' IS name calling:)
Name calling in any shape or form is hurtful!

After the activities there was FOOD!

I have resolved to do these activities with EACH one of my children.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful night...
    and great ideas .

  2. It's funny how I can write a post, and find something you've written to compliment it! Thank you for sharing your gifts :)

    While She's Still Little


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