Wednesday, October 7, 2015

While Others Seem Unbothered...

OctPoWriMo day 7 prompt: Instead of writing about something that is different, a time when you wish you were brave, let's talk about something you wouldn't change.

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While others seem unbothered by the whispering of  Muse...

While others seem unbothered by the tether of a pen
I’m glad the yoke of poetry is laid across my heart
We cannot always choose our dues among this race of yen
Where calls to drink from kegs of ink fills quills to spill in art

While others may seem freer in this merchandise of clocks
Unbothered by the twist of half-kissed thought begging for rhyme
I’m glad to bear the constant care where whispered Dare unlocks
A vault to worlds that break the barriers of touch and Time

While others seem to cruise, while I stutter like one deranged
And while they are unbothered by the slur of sound and light
I wouldn’t trade this weight of words waiting to be arranged
In poetry; we cannot always choose the wars we fight

This humble task where heaven’s flask, unstoppered, fills the air
With possibilities of poetry leaves one quite awed
The common mien of pen and ink unveils a sacred stair
Here poets climb; from time to time they touch the hand of God

© Janet Martin


  1. I wouldn't give poetry up either! So well written!

  2. I was made an introvert so I could listen and know words.
    I was made a poet so I could make those words tell beautiful stories.

    Amazing piece, Janet. :-)

    1. Jesi, I love how I know you know where this came from! It is so heartening to meet kindred spirits!

  3. For all the pain my Muse puts me through... I wouldn't change a syllable!
    Beautifully expressed :)

  4. Poet to thine own heart be true ... always follow the Muse - it's for the best! Bastet


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