Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Today is a Miracle

Today is a miracle
Look, look up to the sky
See! The cocoon of night unfolds
A newborn butterfly

Today is a miracle
Heaven could not contain
This once- in-a-lifetime event
That will not pass again

Today is a miracle
Even angels approve
This gift from God that skims earth’s sod
This miracle of love

Today is a miracle
Man’s track-record of shame
Is powerless to bar the tress
From whence this wonder came

Today is a miracle
Ah, pray we do not miss
The fervor of its live-laugh-love
Unfurling from God’s kiss

© Janet Martin

To touch without feeling,
To eat without tasting,
To hear without listening,
To breathe without Being 
Is surely the saddest death of all~

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  1. As we drove home from my parents' today, I said a similar thing, referring to the unique sunset that belongs to each day.


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