Tuesday, October 6, 2015

To Our Wondering Ways...

I watched with a tinge of envy as round and round he went...through the forest of flowers, pausing every now and then to gaze at the colored spires.

The Painter plays with shades of grays and blues
Offsetting gold over moldering deep
Vermilion and persimmon-flavored hues
Rouse downcast eyes to skim earth’s singing sweep

How small we are when looking up, how tall
This world of wonder is above our noise
How somber-sweet the deployment of fall
How riveting the death of summer joys

Sometimes we climb so that we can look down
On places that grace us with looking up
Sometimes we are astonished at the gown
That clings to the surface of time’s wee cup

The canvas of new day waits for our touch
The touch of its Maker fills our gaze
And we are glad that He loves us so much
And spills His wonder to our wondering ways

We come to expect it; wonder-full
We come to covet certain certainties
God does not disappoint; his earth is full
Of wonder-woven, season-cloven trees

© Janet Martin

Are the trees turning yet? We ask and watch and wonder anew at Nature’s Changeless Ways…


  1. I love coming here. I always leave inspired or moved in some way.

    1. thank-you Dayle. I feel the same way about your place!

  2. "Season-cloven trees" ... Oh, I love that phrase. I love the image it conjurs up and the way it rolls off my tongue.

    I love that collage of pics of your little one wondering round and round ... I know the feeling it. I still do that in a shop when I'm wondering what to buy for a friend ... Round and round till I know 'this is it' in my heart.

    Now to do that out in nature's garden ...

    Lovely post, Janet!!!

    1. Hi Brenda,

      thank-you so much for dropping off your thoughts and for your visit.

  3. Beautifully written, and the pictures really enhance the words.
    Thank you for visiting me at poetryofthenetherworld.blogspot.com


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