Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Time's Treasure Hunt

Time’s road won’t always go the way
We wish that it would turn
But in each twist-and-half-kissed splay
We find something to learn

Time’s hill won’t bow to our design
While on and up we plod
But in its hope-faith-trust incline
We find the hand of God

Time’s valleys may not disappear
Where winds howl and annoy
But in the hardship of its tear
We find the heart of joy

Time’s highway runs through gray and gold
Each mile soon left behind
Where, in each twist-turn-have-hold fold
Today is all we'll find

© Janet Martin

While we shook and picked apples...
...we listened to the Jays world-series dreams take a major nose-dive!!!
(we strung a l-o-o-o-n-g cord out to plug in the radio;)

Kevin Pillar has wowed the crowd with spectacular plays but here he says it for all of us:)
Toronto Blue Jays' Kevin Pillar sits in the outfield after Kansas City Royals' Lorenzo Cain hits a two run RBI single during the seventh inning.

...but that doesn't mean we won't be here cheering him/them on today. 
Go Toronto Blue Jays!!!


  1. I love the quote on your first photo ... a beautiful thought for today.

    Thanks, Janet!


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