Friday, October 2, 2015


Somewhere along the way
We lose our innocence
As we begin to weigh
Action With Consequence

...and every child must learn
This Thing none can refuse
That Consequence is the return
Of action that we choose

So if we would be wise
We should remember Thence
That in each action softly lies
The fruit of consequence

© Janet Martin

While spending some time on the thinking chair, one of the little guys I babysit and I had a conversation about consequence; about how we cannot control what someone else says or does, but we are responsible for our own actions and response


  1. Good thoughts for us as adults as well. I just may have to set aside a thinking chair for myself, one that is not in front of my computer or the TV.

  2. I don't think my Mom had a thinking chair, but I do know that I spent a few minutes in the corner....this was before time outs, and counting to 3's...but it worked.

    Gret idea.


    1. :) its sort of a fresh take on the time-out chair, I suppose...ah, yes, the corner. that used to be a school-punishment as well. Being quite the timid youngster I don't remember standing there but I do remember feeling so sad for whoever did!

  3. How empty our jails might be if there had been Thinking Chair times as a child.

    Not that I don't often need one today, at my advanced age.


    1. Yes, I still need one too but to be there to help a child think things through is SO important and it seems lives are so busy these days...almost too busy for thinking time. My dad often reminded us that 'it's not simply what is but what it leads to'. I have very wise daddy!


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