Friday, October 2, 2015

The Awakening (OctPoWriMo)

 Inspired by this music video (hit mute then feel it) or don't
because the music is too good to miss!
linking to OctPoWriMo

Seeking half-smiled approval, he relents
And wakens a dream in her innocence

The wide-eyed friendship of childish ways
Plants stars in the blue of love’s student-gaze

Age-old Newness bewilders gravity
Surprising the heart with Discovery

…and as it has been since Time began
Boy learns to shoulder the call of a man

© Janet Martin

also inspired by this day:)

 Let's Dance

A gold cello stirs
Dawn's cobalt deep
Unfolding dreamers
From cotton-clad sleep

It rends
Time’s ageless Overpass
With liquid notes
of broken glass 

Earth's vestibule
Of trees and streets
Unfurls a ballroom
Beneath feet

© Janet Martin

...and one more, just because it's fun:)

Crepe coverlets
cradle rainbows
before the bloom
breaks free

Your glance
grazes my skin
and wakens
the woman
in me~ 


  1. I couldn't bring myself to mute a Piano Guys music video—and I am so glad I didn't because I haven't seen this one before and it is so so beautiful. Your poem captured the heart of the story and gave it words. Wonderfully done.

  2. Love all of them. I love this, especially:
    "half-smiled approval"

  3. I love them all. What a nice ride this was from top to bottom!

    My link is on the prompt page.

  4. Archaic magic!..All 3 poems are brilliant :)

  5. A lovely post and loved your work here ... thanks so much for sharing (and you're right that music is fantastic - not to be missed)! Bastet


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