Thursday, October 1, 2015


It’s all I have,
There should be more
For all You say and do 
But all that I can think of, 
Is simply this;  
“Thank You” 

The same word that I give to those
Who hold a door or lend a hand
Is the word that I use
For You 
and Your shed blood
But oh,
You understand

© Janet Martin


  1. I actually have this Jim Reeves album, passed down from my parents. His voice is one of the purest I've ever heard, and such meaningful songs. I enjoyed your poem.

    1. You are so lucky to have this album. i have a few of his but not his one. He was surely a treasure gone too soon, yet never really gone. His voice lives on and I am glad because there is no other quite like it!

      Thank-you Gayle!

  2. Just saw this and saw twin sis had beat me to it. One of our favorite albums growing up.

    1. wow! I've 'met' Gayle on your blog but I did not connect this. thank-you for telling me. Jim Reeves will always be one of my favorites!


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