Monday, October 5, 2015

Sometimes, After Years of Marriage...

Sometimes, after years of marriage
We lose sight of who we are
Familiarity unsacred
After we have come so far
Sometimes we forget to treasure
That which we have held for years
And that Thing once full of pleasure
Weighs us down and disappears

Darling, we should guard with kisses
That which nothing can replace
Sometimes apathy dismisses
What a heart should full embrace
Sometimes after years of marriage
We lose sight of its appeal
Darling, we should guard and cherish
That which only death can steal

Sometimes it seems we’ve forgotten
The Commitment of a vow
Or because its cloth seems common
We forget its worth somehow
Darling, in this flight of moments
From the cradle to the grave
We should safeguard with devotion
Each other and what we have

© Janet Martin

  a very caring man knows that the soul of a woman needs to feel a deep safeness before you ever touch the skin of a woman...Ann Voskamp article for every married or unmarried person!!

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