Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Whimsy

Earth is a leaf-swaddled garden
The wind is a minstrel, lost
And every field a silent sea
That once his baton tossed

Dusk is a maiden weeping
Over the countryside
Bereft of blushing lilies, Love,
Where summer’s laughter died

We are both Wonder and Wanting
Caught between smiles and tears
The sky, a yawning awning where
October disappears

Time is a cello, bronzed-yellow
We are its grin of grief
The wind is a crestfallen fellow
Because earth is a leaf

© Janet Martin

With forecasts of Hurricane Patricia's leftovers passing through today, yester-dusk Victoria and I decided to get out for a hike before the fields turn to pure mud...
The ache of 'almost November' (captured perfectly at YDP today) was prevalent everywhere...


  1. Beautiful photos Janet. The storm is coming here tomorrow and will no doubt take a lot of the remaining leaves off the trees. Take care in the storm.


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