Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Falls in Rain

October falls in rain today
She drowns the yard with yellow leaves
And courts high-noon in mourner’s gray
Yet drips in diamonds from the eaves
Where all the colors of the world
Gather in legions at her feet
Because October is unfurled
With girlish sorrow; bittersweet

October weeps in poetry
An epilogue of leaf- shaped tears
That draws the reader to a sea
Of autumn sweeping over years
And in its undertow of plumes
And orchard-ghost-town thoroughfares
A soul-song of summer entombs
The looms that spun bloom-brocade chairs

October unravels her crown
With rivers running wild through trees
It turns umbrellas upside-down
And fills spilled rills with memories
Of once-upon-a-summer’s-day
When all the world was flower-twined
Before October's rainy day
That wove a trail of leaves behind

© Janet Martin


  1. This is definitely what it looks and feels like here today Janet, as we get the storm you got yesterday. Beautiful poem and photos. I hope it's clearing there today.

    1. Keep warm and dry!! I hope it blows over without too much flooding and damage. As far as I know there is no serious damage from the rains but today brings a cold, high wind!

      Thank-you for your concern and comment:)
      A good day to stay inside!. I always think/pray for those without an 'inside' to go to...


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