Thursday, October 1, 2015

More Than Lip-service...

Even though plucking parsley is not on the top of my I-can-hardly-wait-to-do-this list,
 and even though I washed all the bedding and the neighbor
thought it was a nice day to haul liquid manure:(
and even though I ran out of paint so the bench is almost red instead of red,
even though...all-those-things-we-cannot-change-and-would-if-we-could,
God is good!

So is Canadian Ice-wine Tea (and if you drink it while plucking parsley and staring at an almost red bench against a back-drop of zinnias and perfect blue sky, dreaming about where one could put an almost red bench, and what one could put on it!!)
...why, then the mundane is quite extra-ordinary!
but it does nothing for the smell of laundry....
back to work!
The little guys I babysit come later on Thursdays and stay for supper.
One of them LOVES corn chowder so I want to be done with the parsley in time to make a pot of chowder(fresh parsley is SO yummy in it)


More than lip-service
Oh Lord, let it be
More than a noise on my tongue
In every day
In every way
Make my life a thank-you song

Keen outer senses
To touch-taste-see-hear
In awed awareness of You
Then let the inner man
Pour out his fear
In humble worship to You

More than lip-service
Let my boasting be
More than fond, fleeting applause
In every day
In every way
Let serving Christ be my cause

© Janet Martin

 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
  This is the first and greatest commandment.  
 And the second is like it: 
‘Love your neighbor as yourself.

Matt; 22:37-39


  1. Hmmm even when your neighbour is hauling manure...tough love!
    I enjoyed your poems today...:)

    1. thanks, sis:) just heading upstairs to make the beds and HOPING I don't get a whiff!


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