Sunday, October 4, 2015

Magic or Miracle?

Vowels and consonants shape words
Words correlate with thought, soft stirred
Thought threads their will then sets them free
To stir a heart with poetry

Ah, poetry, thought’s finest urge
Where common ground and heaven merge
Within the heart that learns to dance
With simple vowels and consonant

Now suddenly the silence sighs
And lures us like a lover’s eyes
That dares us to taste the romance
That waits in vowels and consonants

© Janet Martin


  1. That's beautiful! "where common ground and heaven merge" how true..

  2. Absolutely lovely! I do think there's magic in words and once in a great while, miracles too.

  3. lovely! I'll never look at vowels and consonants the same.

  4. So much more to vowels and consonants than just letters of the alphabet. I love how you bring that idea across. Beautiful poem.

  5. I like this very much. :)

    Especially this:
    "poetry, thought’s finest urge
    Where common ground and heaven merge"

  6. Your poetry of miracles and this life God has given us is magic on the page. Truly beautiful!!


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