Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Like a Kiss

From scaffolding of age-to-age
God hangs the dawn, a virgin page
In spite of Yester’s sullied stage
His mercy knows no holds
But lavishes our discontent
With hope in all His glory lent
Where Time’s appointed sacrament
Fills broken bowls with gold

Morning’s celestial paradise
Draws Wonder’s unstoppered ‘oh mys’
A pure and perfect common prize
That none deserves, and yet
God, because of immortal love
Would all of earth and heaven move
With nail-pierced Hands so He could prove
What we dare not forget

Then, like a kiss on Time’s lament
He ravishes its firmament
With mercy’s tireless testament
Morning, a glory train
From grace’s fathomless abyss
God forms a cup of willingness
And pours a glimpse of who He is
That sky cannot contain

© Janet Martin


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