Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In God We Trust (or Lift Love's Banner High)

For Yours is the kingdom 
and the power 
and the glory forever. 

Matthew 6:13 

All people pass; like grass they fill earth-thrones a little while
And then they join the scads of predecessors in the dust
So, lift faith’s banner not to flesh and blood or guilt and guile
But to the One who never leaves His Throne; In God We Trust

The charge to human race is this, to love; love one another
Crucial, above all else is mankind’s meek and Sacred Must
For in time’s Greater Scheme we are all neighbor-sister-brother
Commanded to lift faith’s First Banner high; in God we trust

The creed-less gods of greed cannot exceed Compassion’s Grail
There is no end to love; its law is merciful and just
And though the gods that sit upon the thrones of earth may fail
Never the One whose banner we lift high; in God we trust

© Janet Martin

Whether it is exultation's celebration or anger-disappointment-fear, 
emotions run high on The Day After Election. 

 We all know we live in days like never before.

...days where people fear God so much…
not in holy, reverent awe
but with an Inborn Awareness of Accountability 
for reckless disregard.
so they attempt to abolish Him from homes, schools, government
Our God reigns Supreme on His throne

Forever and ever.




  1. Amen! Thank you for this poem and your thoughts, Janet. Our God reigns and is still in control!

  2. Our true Hope and Comfort!
    Thank-you, Pamela and God bless.

    When we were discussing the results this morning we prayed, not for what is not but for what now is, that God will guide and keep and that our attitudes reflect His love.


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