Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy to be A Bystander:)

Today's YDP poem sparked a vivid recollection...

 In the far, far, right outfield
School-girl stands shivering with dread
while the late May-sun beats hot upon
her honey-colored head

Ball-glove droops at her side
Fear stifles creative thought
While batter-up pounds the plate
Scanning the outfield for a 'weak-spot'

Crack, goes the bat and sure enough
with devilish cheer that leather-sphere fell
in front of Girl With Outstretched Prayers
to be rescued by the bell


We are cheering on our Toronto Blue Jays 
I for one am a far happier ball-fan than player:)

This picture was taken on the day I officially resigned from anything baseball 
besides watching and cheering 
after a family-game miscommunication, 
when I said 'NO' and he thought I said 'THROW"!!


  1. Rhyming words can be troublesome, in so many ways!
    Love the connection between that winsome GWOP and her grown up version.

    1. :-)) thank-you. It was all for some reason or other, but I'll take the rhymes any day!!

  2. I'm sorry but I am laughing out loud....toooo funny!!
    You really did have some ball misfortunes didn't you? Who am I kidding as I'd swing with my eyes closed!! Baseball certainly wasn't our thing, but than again maybe we just never had a true chance?!

    1. so true. no one ever took the time to 'coach' those of us who were not naturals. I loved what the lady who runs th website wrote as an intro to the poem...

      It's been a long time since phys-ed class for most of us, but I suspect we all still remember the brutality seen, inflicted, and experienced. The wealth and diversity of our DNA's sundry gifts seems to matter not one whit when there's a base to be run or a goal to be had. I wonder, does graduating at the top of your class make up for always being the last one picked?

  3. Owwiee ... Baseball was never my thing as a schoolgirl. I was never any good at it. I'm with you on being a fan instead. Especially if there's hotdogs and popcorn to be eaten.


    1. :) so nice to have friends to share popcorn with!

  4. When did this "No-Throw" thing happen? Is it recent? It looks pretty bad, but you're smiling, and you've got two bright eyes, so I guess it's okay. Do be careful, though. I understand brow cuts are very common - you got it right in the eye..Goodness.

    1. no, this whack between the eyes is not recent. Matt was a young tyke and likely the one who wanted to play so it might be up to 10 years ago...I remembered that I did play once more after this...I was 'please-pleased' into a game at school with Melissa in approx. Gr. 6 where I slid into home plate and tore my knees and elbows and THAT was the final straw:) All is well that ends well! I still enjoy playing 'catch' with Matt and Tor:)

    2. You haven't changed a bit in 10 years, Janet.

      Playing catch can be tricky, too - that's how my son got his stitches above the eye last Father's day :-) Stay alert.

    3. :) I wish....

      yes! I remember it was the day we went to the Toronto Blue-jay's game and they were playing Baltimore!
      It happens so fast, doesn't it?. Victoria got a puck right above her eye this past winter in a very non-serious recreational game. thank-fully a few adults knew how to apply steri-strips and the Dr. told us it saved her from needing stitches!


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