Sunday, October 18, 2015

Discovery is Like a Rose...

OctPoWriMo day 18: Things are not always what they seem...

Discovery is like a rose
That breaks the binding of its bud
The light of understanding flows
Through barriers as thick as mud
Then, caught upon a minute trance
Wonder and insight interpose
Defying nettled ignorance
…discovery is like a rose

The eye is but a thoroughfare
Sight is not withheld from the blind
While many look but merely stare
Perception is the sight of mind
Discovery is like its rose
Philistinism, like a tomb
Before cognizance grips the throes
That probes the bud with light, then bloom

Will we believe deception’s lies
Where vision gapes with vanity
And forfeit the mark of the prize
Because we did not learn to see?
Oh, pray we do more than suppose
Or point with blank and wide-eyed stare
Discovery is like a rose
Waiting for us to find God there

© Janet Martin

 Lines in photo from William Blake's poem Auguries of Innocence


  1. Oh, this is a beautiful thought and poem, Janet! The unfurling rose has been a motif of my life's journey since I was a young woman and a dear friend wrote a poem for me as she saw, in the spirit, my life unfurling like a rose.

    That poem is since lost, which I do mourn, but both of us have looked high and low. I keep hoping I'll find it tucked in some old book or bible or notebook ... even after all these years. But its message stays sweet and alive in my heart even after four decades.

    So, thank for this reminder ... to see with our hearts not just our eyes.

    Sending you beautiful thoughts...

    1. Oh, I hope you find it. It's such a sad feeling when we realize something is gone and we have no idea what happened to it or when! The photo is a zinnia but the picture of a rose seemed more fitting for the thought.

      Thank-you for sharing and for your visit, Brenda.

  2. The muddy barriers are often present, especially when seen through public opinion. Isn't there a verse about the wise becoming foolish? Or is it the foolish becoming wise? Or both!

  3. Impressive ! love what you wrote.
    Peace and love from Downeast Maine


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