Friday, October 9, 2015

Come to the Sea

 OctPoWriMo day 9 prompt: Today I'm suggesting you think about the elements, how they affect you and about the duality and contrast in them.

We always come back; something ‘bout the roar
-ing sea draws us, metallic green-blue-gray
Though its ebb-rolling tug-of-shore-to-shore
Cannot return Past or wash it away

How pleasant is its sun and sandy fringe
That stays the deep; we come to dream and sigh
Out to the line where heaven is a hinge
Touching horizon holding up the sky

The sea steals and seals; still, it gives us more
Constant the lure toward its song, wild, free
As if it were an old-time troubadour
And we the lucky listeners at its knee

Come to the sea; leave all your cares behind
For cares can wait until another day
Come, listen to it glisten, silver-lined
Atonement washes worry far way

© Janet Martin


  1. Listen to it glisten... Love that!

  2. You write beautifully...
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  3. I chose the sea also. Yours brings the experience right here!

  4. Lovely poem. I love the ocean, just listening to the waves make my day.

  5. I feel the sea beckoning me in this poem--and the picture goes with it perfectly. Beautiful.

  6. The sea is a great healer. Nice poem.


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