Thursday, October 29, 2015

Caught in the Middle

OctPoWriMo: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. ~Seneca

Past’s Ever-after births Before; the door after The End
Where closing one opens another; this is life, my friend
For Ending is beginning; nothing stays the same for long
Like grief; a revelation after laughter ends its song

The hue of morning-mercy opens the Gate of New Day
The blue of twilight closes it and brushes it away
Its circuit of survival a relentless Enterprise
Of moment-metered little life-and-deaths conceiving sighs

Darling, we met as strangers; once there was a Before You
And I was unaware of all there was I never knew
But Now I know there’ll never be an after void of this;
The Lorelei of Loving and the echo of its bliss

We are always in the middle of Time’s after and before
The End and The Beginning, a wraith-like rotating door
Where we can never fully tell if we are near or far
To the end or beginning of exactly where we are

Time wields an invitation that nobody can resist
We yield to its persuasion like a lover to a kiss
Where everything is a fine intermingling Mystic More
Of Now, after the After and yet always The Before

© Janet Martin


  1. I am reading your poem after I posted mine just now. There is so much of amalgamation of similar thoughts. I love reading your poems, Janet :)

  2. our past is of sweet mostly,
    regardless of bitter and sour emotions at times.

    lovely word flow.

  3. The flow here is beautiful. Your rhythm is perfect. Just an amazing poem.

  4. Wonderful expressions. It just flows smoothly. :)


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