Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beneath Time's Weeping Tree We Pass

My friend Monica turns 50 today! hop over to Prince Snow's Farm to read her thoughts and wish her a blessed one, will you? Of course, birthdays and esp. a half-century one has us contemplating time and its ultimatums!

Beneath Time’s weeping tree we pass
And like the leaf of bud-to-bloom
Soon every splendor decks the grass
That decks earth’s clasp of womb and tomb

Behold, how swift the hours sift
Ah, Past is not an ancient page
But the extension of a gift
That startles youth and middle-age

…where life is a brief, awesome leap
Regardless of its numbered years
When weighed against death’s endless sleep
Man’s stuttered measure disappears

This moment-metered Here to There
Beneath Time’s season-weeping tree
Is but the gasp where we prepare
To meet God and eternity

Therefore we should give utmost heed
Earth’s belfry bleeds with tick and tock
Unfurling fleet footpaths that lead
Beyond the pleading of the clock

Beneath Time’s weeping tree we pass
Wise is the sojourner who trusts
Beyond this wish-span’s vapor glass
In He who metes its dust-to-dust

Hope is the crux of live-laugh-love
Hope is the treasure of the soul
Beneath Time’s weeping tree we move
Toward its everlasting goal

© Janet Martin

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