Thursday, October 1, 2015

Beneath October's Cloud

Beneath October’s wisp of cloud
The land awaits a shroud of leaf
And witnesses to it admit 
Sudden surges of joy and grief
For in this intermingling-ship
Of summer turning into fall
The changing of the season drips
A lonesome sort of madrigal
Beneath October’s cloud we pause
Glad to feel good yet strangely sad
Because October clouds enhance
The summer-dance that once we had

© Janet Martin

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  1. I love the bittersweet feel of this poem. Bitter, because summer is coming to an end, sweet because autumn is coming. I do feel a little sad because summer is over, but on the other hand, I love the autumn season. I love how lovely and colorful it is! Great write!

    1. Thank-you:) I'm glad you understand my glad sadness!

  2. I love the line 'the land awaits a shroud of leaf'. Very evocative. Yes, the changing of the seasons are heralded by both glad and sad emotions. Very nice.

  3. A feel of melancholy with the change of seasons. I feel it in your poem. Nicely done.


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