Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ballad Of Autumn Dusk

 OctPoWriMo day 20; topic Overwhelmed. Form; Ballad

Oft upon dusk’s daily dying
Thought is like a troubadour
Strumming the harp-strings of summer
Where sweet summer is no more

Like a vagabond he pauses
Face turned west on wind-tossed heath
Where Time dons dusk’s deep blue shadow
Thought attends its daily death

Tell me; tell me, cries the drifter
Where the ash of summer lies
But Thought cannot hear the answer
In the wind-waif’s weeping sighs

Stark against autumnal darkling
Still-life skylines slip from view
Earth is like an empty cradle
That a little lad outgrew

Soft, the balladeer of twilight
Runs his fingers, star-to-star
Somewhere between dusk and midnight
Life and death like warriors spar

Tell me, tell me, cries the wand’rer
Where the dust of summer sleeps
But thought cannot touch the answer
Where the wind-waif sighs and weeps

Thought is overcome with sorrow
Sorrow overrun with joy
Somewhere in some far tomorrow
Summer is a little boy

Somewhere the Artist of Autumn
Smooths Thought's tear with frost-sparked glaze
Overwhelming earth with splendor
Overwhelming Thought with praise

Tell me, tell me, cries the poet
Where the silk of summer fell
From a well of fond-felled flowers
Thought finds words wind-waifs can't spell   

© Janet Martin


  1. This poem itself is overwhelming to me in its beauty and emotion. Your use of onomatopoeia is so striking. love love love this. You are so gifted.

  2. Left me breathless! Goosebumps at this end, Janet. Loved it.

  3. All I can say is well done!
    I wish I were so talented :-)

  4. I love the turn you take in the last stanza. Well done!


    check out short story slam week 31 today.

  6. Somehow I've almost missed this post, just saw it. You're unsurpassed at word magic, Janet.

    I know it's not about winning, etc. etc. still it'll be very disappointing if none of your poems are recognized when April PAD results are announced. You are tops.

    1. Sasha, the succor of your words has buoyed a confidence that would other-wise perhaps have long ago been too bashful and unsure to continue to share where others read:). I do not know if you know how much your comments have encouraged me in my writing! thank-you sincerely and God bless you for reading and caring!

    2. Please continue sharing, and try submitting more often, too.

      I'm very happy if I've helped you be a bit more assertive.

      Of course I read your poetry and look at your photography - I wouldn't deny myself this pleasure!

    3. Yes, I need to be more diligent in trying to take it to the next step.

      Thank-you again and I'm glad you enjoy!:)


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