Friday, October 16, 2015

A One-of-a-Kind Cloak

 "We are who we are because of the people we've known and the experiences of life"
this is loosely quoted from the book of a study I am in;

We wear cloaks woven with time's threads
Of where we’ve been and who we’ve known
Experience and habit spreads
Across the skin and through the bone

We’ve borne the prick of tender fears
While the Seamstress measured and stitched
Designing patterns with our tears
And laughter, like a hand bewitched

We are at the the mercy of Love
Not fate, as sometimes we suppose
From fathoms beneath and above
The measure of each raiment flows

This dressing-room of gray and gold
Is like a loom; we cannot clutch
Its gossamer, as have-and-hold
Runs phantom fabric through our touch

Then, as the Seamstress tweaks and snips
She shapes a garment all our own
Where the cloak a lifetime slips
Across the skin and through the bone

© Janet Martin

No Paradelle as the OctPoWriMo prompt 16 suggested but still, a poem.


  1. Janet, that's beautiful and so a photographer I've always been fascinated by the lines of age in older faces and hands, they tell a story that people don't wish to read, but it is a biography of their life. Some stories are worth reading....


  2. Oooh, this is beautiful. It gave me shivers.

  3. Profound and so true. Life and its magical ways are beyond our control :)

  4. Lovely. The opening is such a striking statement!

  5. A very deep poem ... you've written this so beautifully, you had me from that very first line. Well done! Georgia.


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