Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Worth The Wait...

The hem of heaven’s dressing-gown pools golden on the snow
Above the blurring, slurring scowl of winter’s undertow
The sting of wind-raw kisses comes to vex the ruddy cheek
Where churlish gusts of sleet-dust whirl and swirl across the street

The feet that pine for sun-sweet dirt and garden paths to stroll
Must plead the warmth of thermal socks and boots; mittens console
The hands hungry to plant and prune and press beneath the sod
The seeds that cup bloom-miracles and providence of God

The gale that wails through orchard ghost-towns soon will slink away
And trees that shiver in the cold be clad with fragrant fray
The marsh where mistrals, harsh and hard-fisted torment its berth
Wait to be tickled once again by zephyr-gentle mirth

The sky swallows the sun before its warmth can reach our toes
But dreamers are not thwarted by the rogue that bully-blows
And throws a cloth of ice-snow ‘cross dawn’s wide-eyed wakening
We know in time that Time will intercede and bring us spring

© Janet Martin

Guess what I’m doing today; planning my garden

Yes, I said planning NOT planting;-)

  Each winter I say, ‘this spring I’m going to plant a pretty garden with lots of flowers’, then planting time comes and practicality prevails…I need every inch of it for food, it seems. Oh well, for now I have fun designing winding garden paths hedged in by flowers, bird-baths and bird-houses, here and there a ‘siesta-spot’ for dreamers to stop and watch the bees, taste the breeze and know this was all worth the wait!
 Perhaps I can try to come up with a plan that integrates both whimsy and cabbages into a practical, profitable garden, Lord willing strength, health and enough sun and rain, of course!

Brenda writes of ‘a reprieve from the cold today’…the only reprieves we’ve had this winter are the ones we create in-doors!

And Sarah has come up with a design for ‘the super-gardener’! I think maybe that’s what we gardeners will look like in heaven as we putter around in those heavenly pastures:-o

Oh no!! I just remembered something…The Beast (aka as my garden-tiller) balked last 
August and would NOT cooperate again even though I changed spark-plugs and oil, leaving me with a weed-infested garden by October. I think I better start dreaming tiller-bills;-( before I can dream of this...(as I was looking through last summer's photos I realized that sometimes 'siesta-spots' happen because not everything grows that we planted, so we allow the volunteer sun-flowers to stay, then set a bench there for the dreamer...)


  1. Yes, flowers are nice, but your wealth of green and your garden perch where you and kitty can pause a moment to shuffle your soles in the soil and soak up all that skyrise to skyset blue is awfully nice too. And look! There is a halo to crown your labor, or maybe it is a ray of sunflower.

  2. you make me realize how soil-starved I am:) It was a glorious spot to bask under the leaf-lace canopy of walnut trees!


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