Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter is a Little Time of Life

So, just in case we've forgotten...

The shawl that drapes white- soft on scraggly limb,
And lends its cape to cover field and hill
And locks the valley streams that lilt and brim
With silver song, beneath ice-soldered will

…the gale that wails across pale countryside
And roars, blue-lipped through brittle barrenness
Or lunges at each door and tries to find
Its way into our bones with brute caress

…the corpse-like timberland, where stiffly starched
Attendants observe, sergeant-steely-stern
Our creaking, squeaking footsteps bravely marched
Toward the hearth where dreams and fires burn

…the hunger for color and corridors
Alive with birdsong, where the air is rife
With everything that long we waited for
…is really but a little time of life

© Janet Martin

Hubby delivered cattle to a cheery, lithe-stepped farmer this morning. In a mischievous effort to derail this far-too-happy-for-a-raw-winter-morning farmer, hubby remarked about’ this too long too cold winter’ and Farmer quickly replied that “this cold is really but a little time of life when you stop to think about it, plus it is so good for the earth to rest in deep-freeze. We have snow blowers to move the snow. It’s not so bad”


  1. A lovely poem, Janet - underlining in a beautiful way the fact that even if the winter may feel hard and lasting forever, it actually is "a little time of life". Your images are so pretty, love the glimpses of sunlight in the snow, and the blue shades!

    1. thank-you Nina:) Yes, our 'winters' are only one season out of four! And each season comes with its own beauty, doesn't it?


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