Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who Could Ask For Anything More?

As coffee completes a morning
Or leaf, a tree
So you, my darling
Complete me

Love’s song is written
With everyday things
Thus, the dreamer dances
And the pauper sings

For who can count
The ways that we love?
Land, sea and sky
Are not vast enough

Wrapped up in laughter
Or tears that fall
Love is the wonder
That stuns us all

‘To love and be loved’
Ah, this is life’s core
Tell me, who could ask
For anything more?

© Janet Martin

~Happy Valentine's Day to all~

How about a little Elvis and a slow dance?

He wakes me up each morning
Much to my delight
He knows exactly what I need
And how to do it right
I’m a little sleepy
Until I feel his touch
His warmth flows into, through me
I love him oh, so much
Maxwell, you’re a darling
I keep you in a can
And see you every morning
To kiss your face of tan
Your deep and robust passion
Stirs me to the core
And I know that I cannot
Live without you anymore
You don’t have to worry
No one can take your place
I sip you and inhale you
With a smile upon my face
Maxwell, you’re a darling
I love your coat of blue
And in the early morning
No one else will do
Maxwell, you’re a keeper
Perfection in a can
I wonder what would happen
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