Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wearing Black with You...

It (black) became the color worn by English romantic poets...wikipedia's wikem day 

Beyond the windowpane it drapes, in velvet arabesque
where sight is touch, and oh my love, the nearness of your eyes
Is all the light I need; the cloth of midnight's dark-spun dress
blankets the quiet imminence of need's imploring sighs

...and I am glad we share the black of sight; a sea of ink
rises and falls, its cadence like a madrigal un-penned
Darling, who knew the pulse of it can rush where dreamer's drink
the black of night, a strange high-tea where touch and taste amend

...and all the colors of the world are tucked into the folds
of it; there are no dark or lighter shades of black
With you I do not need to see beyond the warmth that holds
me close and strums a starless sea of whispers down my back

Janet Martin


  1. The whole poem is velvet, "sight is touch" indeed - you make words tangible somehow. Amazing!

    1. Sasha, thank-you:) the night was so black last night, it begged to be written.

  2. For some the night is their day. I like velvet nights... I just wish right now mine were at tad warmer. With the wind chill we had -20's last night. Brrr. Could use some real velvet of any color :)

    1. same here...this morning it was minus 26 feeling like minus 37 with the wind chill. It is heading for a record of being our coldest February ever in southern Ontario! My youngest daughter was not happy. Older brother's school is closed 'due to extreme temperatures' while hers remained open:)

  3. Lovely! "All the colours of the world are tucked into the folds. . ." I love that line especially. Colours beautify life.

    1. thank-you. Yes colors definitely beautify life but there's something about the night stealing over them that is mystically lovely as all that color becomes a muted panorama beneath its sky!

      Thank-you for visiting!


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