Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Moon-man and His Love

Did you know that Thursday has a new name? Wikem-day; see definition here.

 The Moon's gravitational influence produces the ocean tides and the slight lengthening of the day. Wikipedia

The lights along the boulevard poke holes into the dark
A diamond parasol covers slight lengthening of day
Where shape of Time is lithe and lean and slipping silver-gray
Into deep blue adieu where new adventurers embark

The beck and calling-rise and falling-holding-letting go
Reaches like quiet shadows to a place beneath Her skin
She hears upon a sentimental solitude within  
Echoes, like lagging sea-song on a garden white with snow

The moon-man does not smile, still, still his solemn comradeship
Touches a chord; a duet borne of love and loneliness
Ignites a strange homesickness for a nameless happiness
Where he and she are worlds apart yet dancing lip to lip

The moon-man murmurs ‘darling’ and the moon-man murmurs ‘dear’
She wonders if his stone-face hurts with tears he cannot weep
Because she cannot promise what she knows she cannot keep
And so she nods; Time knows that soon they both will disappear

© Janet Martin

Since it is a moon prompt and the season for love I can't resist adding this song...


  1. Love the "homesickness for a nameless happiness" - enjoyed your poem very much, and the song :-)

    1. thank-you. the moon does that to me.I've known not every, but most 'happy's I long for and yet...
      One night Melissa,Matt, Victoria and I were sitting on the deck (summertime:)discussing why the moon looks so solemn. One actually got teary-eyed with emotion, feeling sad for the lonely moon...

      That song goes back to the days when all the happinesses that i have now held were the things I dreamed about!

    2. You reply is another beautiful poem.

    3. you cause me to wipe a tear. strange, what can swing those heart flood-gates wide!!

      Well, I'm off to pay Jillian Michaels a visit before the kids get home. too much sitting today!

    4. lol!! you know it:), but man, it feels good.

    5. ...also, i realized that I forgot to interject part of the epigraph so I made few changes.

    6. I'm going to tweak the wikem "rules" a bit to make them more clear - thank you, Janet.

      Yes, I know it, but I haven't done "jab-cross" in a long...long time. I need a buddy. Maybe we can be virtual "jab-cross" buddies? How often do you jab-cross? :-)

  2. 'She wonders if his stone-face hurts with tears he cannot weep'

    All beautiful, but I like that line since some times we do refer to 'the Man in the Moon' -
    You made me think also of all the statuary on Easter Island...
    So many untold stories...just a tad closer to home (well at least on the same planet).

    I had fun with this one too. My link is at Sasha's place.


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