Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sometimes When I Look At You...

Sometimes when I look at you
Or the sky spread full azure-blue
Or winter, laid wide
Like the gown of a bride
Or a bud, beaming with ‘brand-new’

…sometimes, when I pause to gaze
At stark winter-tree-limb maze,
Etched upon gold
As a new day grows bold
On Time’s old, soldered ways

…sometimes, in the clink of a cup
Or the song, as I hold it up
And you fill it with tea
Then we sit; you and me
Where twilight hours sup

…sometimes, when the green of June
And the swoon of an afternoon
Mingles with noise
Of happy girls and boys
Or the brooks soft-splashing tune

…or, the lilt of the morning lark,
Or the crackle of firelight after dark
Or the runnels of rain
On the window-pane
Leaving lover’s a-laugh in the park

…or, the sun on the wave-washed sand
Or the fun of my hand in your hand,
Or the tick of the clock
Where its pulses unlock
Both nevermore and dreamland

…sometimes, then I pause a bit
Invite its full force; every whit
To soak through my skin
Drench me outside-in
Because oh, I simply…love it

© Janet Martin

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