Saturday, February 7, 2015

Only God Can Do That

above are a few glimpses of what only God can do...

An oak-tree in an acorn
A rainbow in the sky
And from the dry, uncomely husk
A butterfly

From bulb and seed, a garden
Or seas of golden grain
And from space-eons overhead
The sun and rain

A lush, leaf-umbrella
From stark, bark-bastioned limb
Where winter-worlds waken beneath
The touch of Him

A baby from beginnings
Too wondrous to full-tell
As is the off-spring of all seed
…a miracle

© Janet Martin

When I saw Monica's photos my first thought was wow! only God can do that...turn a bitty, brown seed to breath-taking beauty.

We have nothing that does not begin with what God grants! 
This poem could go on forever to tell it all...

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