Thursday, February 5, 2015


See you soon:) Click on image for a bigger blue sky...

One of her would like to read
And one would like to ski
And one would like to bake fresh bread
To serve with friends for tea
One would like to clean the house
And polish every glass
And one would like to sit and dream
Of bare-feet trampled grass
One of her would like to stitch
A pretty quilt or two
And one would like to lie beneath
That blue-sky avenue
One would like to pen a poem
Or snooze out in the sun
But if she does not decide soon
One will get nothing done

© Janet Martin

So after turning the house upside down looking for her purse, one had to change her plans realizing she left it in her friend's car yesterday. Maybe one could do a whole lot on her wish-list if she is wise with her time;-)

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