Thursday, February 12, 2015

One Wonderful Word

 A sunny smile for a cold, growl-y night...

It crossed my lips today
A lovely little word
And in its lilting assonance
A thousand scenes were stirred
Of bare feet teasing pasture ponds
Or turquoise-skirted beach
Of afternoons, green-gold and bronze
Flavored with sun-ripe peach
Of white adrift on azure seas
Of heady honey-suckle breeze
Through sweeping, sighing willow-trees
Where memories beseech

Who knew a word can kiss
The air with poetry
And hang its pretty verses where
Only thought’s eye can see
Of morning, sweet with dew and dust
Of gardens pink with plume
Of puddle-mirrors, wanderlust
In nature’s living-room
Of fence where musky wild grapes climb
Of honey-bee in blue-bell chime
…One wonderful word; summertime
Sets winter-hearts a-bloom

© Janet Martin

For summer-lovers

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