Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On Finding Love, on Finding God

...sorry for blurring out the three cutest boys around but its a privacy respect thing:) when my friend picked up her boys last evening she asked, wanna go for a hike until its dark and then out for supper courtesy of her boss? so we did! I love surprises that spike the ordinary with a bit of 'extra'

 "I am finding that I get refreshed by simple everyday things. The sunrise. A piece of Scripture. Words in a book. A song that comes on the radio while I go get groceries. The artwork of my daughters that hang on my walls. Going out for breakfast with my husband. I can see God in those things, if I have correct vision."
 Connie Inglis   excerpt from an article here

Thank-you God
For the way you prove
In everyday-ordinary
That You are love

Thank-you God
There is no 'least of these'
When it comes to love
And memories

Thank-you God
For the joy love brings
In unbridled fathoms
To everyday things


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