Monday, February 16, 2015

Of Learned Pleasure

I admire those who work long after the need to has passed. Read this line here at Raining Iguanas…

They do not watch the clock
Or keep a list of ‘give’
To tally how much is enough
…they simply love to live

They do not think in terms
Of ‘barest minimum’
But lay the ground-work for a world
Of seasons yet to come

No half-hearted attempts
No job too big or small
For they have understood the good
In answering The Call
…and from their heart and soul
This pleasure they have learned
Will ever be a greater joy
Than any dollar earned

© Janet Martin

I had the privilege of being raised in a home where the love of work was something we learned from a whistling dad and a singing mother.

The quote in the photo was taught patiently.

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