Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Of Daily Grace

Memory and desire kindle
Hope and heartache's bittersweet
Even as those sky-clocks swindle
Moments from beneath our feet
Still we search, within each season
For the best of daily grace
Lest we lose sight of the reason
We are here in the first place

Future-present-past mute-mingle
Truth its changeless law imparts
 Where Life’s best will never jingle
In our pockets, but our hearts
The weigh-scale of choice is fool-proof
Night-skies with day-rise align
Ever changing on the changeless
Rudiments of Time’s design

The foothold of fame is fragile
Happiness, no one can buy
Daily grace is free; a God-smile
To the likes of you and I
Oh, for eyes to see the beauty
Not in some strange far-off place
But within love’s call of duty
And God's gift of daily grace

© Janet Martin

So, yesterday when one of the little guys I babysit (schools closed due to extreme cold temps)told us he heard its going to be an early spring, that called for hot-chocolate Cheers!

...and never mind the meteorologist this morning warning us it could be May before we feel any real spring warmth! 

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