Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love's 'Try Again'

(three separate sonnets or one whole; you choose:)

Love’s best intentions, darling, often fail
And where intent faltered then fell awry
Time’s intervention tips hope’s sacred grail
As melodies of pardon fill the sky
A brand new ‘try again’ ignites the deep
‘For better and for worse’ is not a ruse
Ah darling, we have promises to keep
We cannot quit; love offers no excuse
But lays upon the ways of human heart
The workmanship of time’s untarnished art


What lies beneath your sighs, your touch, your kiss?
Ah, help me hear beyond the sound of noise
Darling, your eyes tell words the ear can miss
Love’s language speaks in strange and unnamed joys
It stirs a fervor bound to persevere
Where ‘no’ is not an answer; ‘yes, yes, yes’
This is the language of lovers, my dear
And primes time’s way to heaven-happiness
Love is such kind companionship; it wakes
Us to a world that gives more than it takes


 My mouthed endearments cannot satisfy
Save if and when the heart adjusts its stance
To recognize the hunger in your eye
Reciprocation is a brave romance
Then, let me be shameless in ways of love
Let my feet thin within its second miles
And though skeptics may not fully approve
I’ll take my pay in laughter-laden smiles
For I am glad for records love won’t keep
Its virgin ‘try again’ ignites the deep

© Janet Martin

Every morning God smiles and fills the skies with 'try again' grace...

Love keeps no record of wrong...1 Cor. 13:5

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