Monday, February 2, 2015


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 ...sometimes love brought mom a drink
 or helped her stir...

 Love is a song that never grows old... no matter how old we get

(this is all three of my daughter tid-bits rolled into one poem)

Love wakes the middle-dark
And asks mom for a drink
It spawns laughter in bright blue socks
Paired with a lace-dress, pink

It wails aloud because
Pancakes burnt while she read
It clunks upon piano keys
Or up the stairs to bed

Love shouts and yells and sings
It chatters and pretends
Love argues with her brother and
It giggles with her friends

It leaves a trail of ‘stuff’
While Mom pulls out her hair
It drops balled socks on side-tables
Or underneath her chair

Love doodles in ink-dreams
And makes mom wait…and wait
It turns the van too sharply and
It sees the post too late

Love showers far too often
Raids fridge and cookie jar
Or joins mom on the porch at night
To wish upon a star

Love needs another dollar
Love needs another hug
Love shrieks 'the sky is falling'
Because it saw a bug

Then, love goes off to college
Mom wipes a tear because
Now, suddenly she misses the
Melody love once was

© Janet Martin


  1. Aw, this is so sweet! I giggled at the sky is falling/saw a bug... That top photo looks like she is a mini you and the second photo is so sweet, too.

    1. sometimes a mom just has to let out a bit of sentimentality, right? College-girl might be coming home this week-end...insert happy-dance!!

      Funny story; when someone told Victoria she looks just like me, she asked me later, with a hint of concern if her nose is like mine?! I told her, 'no, she has a MUCH nicer nose than I do' and it seemed to please her. lol!

    2. ...also, I (almost)miss Emily's -top-of-her-lungs- shriek/s-c-r-e-a-a-m-m-m if she found a lady-bug or spider.


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