Friday, February 27, 2015

Falling in Love Every Day

Don't you just love the 'newness' of morning; the hope of this Stranger-Friend as we meet for the first time, every time?!
Cyndy got me to thinking how, in a sense I fall in love every day!

Sometimes you disappoint me so
Your coat of dowdy cloudy-gray
Is tugged from you and tossed away
And I am glad to see you go
And yet, in spite of it I know
 I’ll fall in love, come morning’s Day

There’s something’ bout the ‘new’ of you
That I simply cannot resist
From yonder blue you woo, God-kissed
And melt the night with bright-eyed hue
Stranger, yet Friend I fall into
The brand-new you that Time untwists

Night helps me to relinquish all
I cannot change and frees my arms
For morning filled with virgin charms
Where you are waiting handsome-tall
Your ‘could-have-been’ pinned to Past’s wall
...into outstretched First Love I fall

© Janet Martin

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