Wednesday, February 11, 2015

But Then I got To Thinking...

...written in response to previous post

But then I got to thinking
How nothing would really be
Quite as it is; the brook, a brook
And tea would just be tea
And happy girls and boys, but noise
Daybreak and dusk, but time
The lilt of lark would lose its spark
The rain, its runnel-rhyme
And winter would be dull and grim
The whole world would be old
No poetry on stripped tree-limb
Etched stark against the cold
The sky would not be breathless blue
But just a lid above
Existence; if we wandered through
A lifetime without love

© Janet Martin


  1. cool pic and poem...good day for it..
    yes,LOVE !

  2. thank-you:) it is a good tea day. which reminds me, I forgot to drink it! The little guy I babysit is here today. He slept for hours because he is not feeling well, and he woke up as I was pouring will be microwaved tea, I guess;(


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