Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ah, Love

 Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild invites us to continue to explore the sounds of love...I found this prompt extremely challenging...so many sounds speak love.

So, in continuing our month featuring the “Sound of Love”, I ask you to use the devices of ONOMATOPOEIA and/or ALLITERATION within your poems to verbalize the “sounds” associated with the emotion of Love.

Surge of something sacred and sweet
Stuns her; spills summer-slow, sigh-soft
Whispers wake wellsprings where want wafts
Wild within to a boom-boom beat

Soul-song sweeps soundless; blue eyes brood
Mouthing murmurs; kiss-kindled storm
Rolls ruthless, rousing raw words, warm  
Reverberation; m-m-m, m-m-m-m, good

Touch tempts a tempest-tethered trove
Wonder thunders, thought finds fingers
Sh-h, sh-h, shudders, laughter lingers
Something satisfies her; ah, love

© Janet Martin


  1. If this were a graded assignment, you would get an A+ for winsomely weaving words with wonder.

  2. :-) you too!

    Thank-you. you have no idea what a confidence-booster your words are for me today. struggling a bit these days with...lots-o-love-stuff!


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