Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Most Genial Companion

 It was a quick supper with few dishes, leaving a large, dark, wind-wild-stormy evening to fill...

You come, my love and keep me company
When winter’s early eve is cold and dark
By musing’s hearth your touch ignites a spark
To kiss the waning light with poetry
The human heart is prone to want, and oh
The want of what is not can rend the air
In spite of what we hold, in spite of prayer
Sometimes silence can probe our longings so
But then you come to me and mediate
In poetry what Time cannot abate

A melody caught on night’s raging storm
Is not deterred where Old Man Winter roars
How is it that Time moves through walls and doors
To taunt touch without filigree or form?
And when it seems that everyone has gone
And when the night seems far too dark or deep
And sight would swear that I am all alone
Ah, still you come to dance away the hour
And plant upon the dark a poem-flow’r

Time’s tempest seems to stir the heart of us
And winter-dusk, though brusque captures your eyes
Then let the frigate of day-dreams capsize
And let the ocean in the sky adjust
Its colors to the clock; the cold is kind
-er with the comfort of your kiss to charm
The lips that murmur where the dark is warm
With almost-poems and in them I find
Though often you are overlooked by men
You are a most genial comrade, my pen

© Janet Martin


  1. On Saturday at the retreat we had to say the five things we'd take if we were stranded on an island....yours might be pen??:))
    Have a great Wed.I'm looking forward to mine usually my quietest day of the week:) (we watched that movie last night)

    1. oh, this is easy! Bible, coffee, cheese, paper and pen:)

    2. p.s. about the movie; I'll take a snow-storm over a dust-storm any day of the year!!!


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