Sunday, November 23, 2014

You Know how It Is...

You know how it is, she whispered
Wordless my own words slipped;
‘Sorrow is a constant companion
Joy is a cup, cracked and chipped’

Happiness is the heart’s halo
Spilling its light to the eye
Longing, a ravenous shadow
Raking the deep with its sigh

Love is a compass whereby we
Will never be led astray
Hope succors self’s daily dying
Where love is leading the way

Yet, when the day-dust has settled
And all of dusk’s colors have dripped
Over a halo of nettles
Into joy’s cup, cracked and chipped

I hear the bittersweet echo
Only spent years can admit;
Sorrow is a constant companion
Joy is a cup cracked and chipped’

© Janet Martin

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