Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where Change Begins

We cannot change from the outside in
The heart is where true change begins

Though law may force the hand and such
The heart no scripted law can touch

…where edict of rules oft estrange
The heart to rudiments of change

For only love the heart can move
Yet, who can force a heart to love?

Love and belief; oh who can bend
The matrix of the heart, my friend?

Ah, there is One; a still small voice
Beckons; response is our choice

Yet, in this choice the crux of change
And all that follows it remains

For God is love; love does not force
The heart that yields in true remorse

Then, in the yielding change can start
For only Love can change the heart

© Janet Martin

One of the pastors interviewed yesterday in Ferguson Missouri reminded us that all the social programs in the world cannot change the heart where true change begins. Only Jesus can change the heart; the same Jesus that shed His blood for our sins. He died to set us free!

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