Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week-to-week Touch-down

 What are you doing with your Saturday? Right now I'm listening to Victoria play 'Hark, The Herald Angels Sing' just before we get this room back to rights!

PAD Challenge day 29:For today’s prompt, write a do it again poem.

Saturday fills cups with slow second-coffees  (didn't we just do this?!)
and closes the book to another week's jots  (already?!)
Its seven-page chapter committed and soldered  (wait a minute. I'm not done yet!)
Into an archive reserved for our thoughts  (oh, those half-smile journeys!)

This weekly touchdown turns girls into women (wa-a-ay too fast)
and women to people they don't quite recognize  (hello,little, old lady in the mirror. who are you?)
save in the things that a mirror won't tell you  (of love-lines unshakeable)
while she marvels again and repeats, 'my how time flies'  (why am I always surprised?!)

It flies on the backs of young boys growing taller (even when mom wears heels!)
than mother; it scatters in building blocks (...traded for car-keys)
It flies in purple toqued-mittened snow-angels *(I saw her yesterday...)
Sweetly oblivious to big blue-sky clocks (bent on Saturdays)

It flies where daddies trade big dreams for duties (uses his 'play' money to pay for milk)
Monday to Friday can wear a man small (regardless of his size)
All for the love of a wee face in the window (thank God for Saturdays)
Grinning; ah, time's laugh-lines are worth it all (he'd do it again in a heart-beat!)

Janet Martin~

* yesterday I was driving through Drayton (nearby town) when I saw a little girl and her daddy walking home from school. As soon as they reached the driveway to their home she dropped to the ground, arms and feet flailing as she made a snow-angel. Her dad; grinning from ear to ear:)

Now I need to put this room back in order. suddenly ended up painting two badly chipped-scratched walls in the middle of fall-cleaning it!


  1. I like it! Is it a green sort of like your bedroom? hard to tell in the picture. such a good feeling when it's done!

  2. Its a taupey-green and this morning I like it 'cause it darkened over night. Having a 'hairy' Saturday!!


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