Thursday, November 27, 2014

We Thank You, Lord (A Thanksgiving Song)

For frost-dusted furrow where harvest is gleaned
For eager-eyed children where summer is weaned
For leaf-swaddled havens of woodland and dell
Soft-kissed into cradles where autumn-song fell
For bins filled with mercy where spilled seed is stored
For these tender blessings we thank You, Lord

For food, friends and family, freedom and faith
For home, health and hope of heaven after death
For happiness not dependent on this world
For sunrise and sunset steadfastly unfurled
For bread on the table and Bread from Your Word
For these gracious blessings we thank You, Lord

For little boy noise and little girl giggles,
For platters of pancakes and spaghetti squiggles
For fire in the fireplace and coffee-table clutter
For cheese, please. Crackers and peanut butter
For promise of springtime as winter’s reward
For these precious blessings we thank You, Lord

We thank You Lord, for your bountiful Hand
For rain-sun compassion to favor the land
For music of earth in four-seasons decreed
For measureless treasure in every seed
For Your faithful Presence to comfort and gird
We bow before You and thank you, Lord

© Janet Martin

 Somehow American Thanksgiving is contagious;) I'm especially thankful the farmers were able to harvest a little more crops in the last 2 days.

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  1. I like frosty pictures of trees and roofs and yes furrows too.

    Your fireplace and coffee table pics look soooo cozy.

    Stay warm...


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