Thursday, November 13, 2014

To Where Summer Went

Rush hour is over
Save for a few
Scuffling stragglers
On dusk’s avenue
Like husks of a summer
Savored and spent
Fall follows the footpath
To where summer went

Now the umbrellas
That lured us to lie
Like maidens and fellas
Beneath the big sky
Mutely dismantle
While nature’s big broom
Brushes to fence-lines
And hedgerows, its bloom

The big night is hollow
Its halls bleak and bare
Where stark branches wallow
And scratch the dark air
Hear how the wind lurks
In lonesome lament
Scavenging footpaths
To where summer went

Behind shuttered windows
The weather is warm
Wild the wind whimpers
With threats of a storm
Jealous it seems
Of our laughter intent
On following dreams
To where summer went

© Janet Martin

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