Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thought's Timeless Ways

On Saturday I had the pleasure of entertaining four Disney princesses for tea. Before they ate I asked a blessing and they giggled as I choked up on 'God, bless these girls for they truly are princesses, daughters of a King'. (They simply have no idea of that bittersweet twinge on mother-heartstrings:)

PAD Challenge Day 11:
Today is a Tuesday–so “2 for Tuesday” prompt time. Here they are:
  1. Write a timely poem.
  2. Write a timeless poem.
The way your lashes brush your cheek
robs me of words; I cannot speak
for I know soon moments will draw
you from my arms; this is Time's law
then I will close my eyes; recall
the swift innocence of it all
...and how Thought's timeless ways embrace
the hours no one can replace



  1. So Precious indeed!
    They DID tell me about the food!! :))

  2. ...such a precious time. They didn't know I was storing away their giggles and peeks as I shooed them out of the kitchen and still they would peek around the corner asking, 'is it almost ready? We're starving! (princess or not!)Those platters were licked clean.


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