Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Skyline Eats the Sun...

Today's moments were for the most part a hectic mish-mash of disarray but tonight the room(see previous post) is back together for the most part, the laundry almost done, the squares for tomorrow's church potluck just need to be iced; it was the way the skyline devoured the big pink sun-drop that inspired this poem.

Saturday’s edges thin
The skyline eats the sun
Like a pink lollipop and then
The light of day is done

The light of day is done
 Where sweep of blue on blue
Obliterates the skyline then
The yard and garden too

The yard and garden too
Become a sea of black
Where Saturday slips from our view
To Bygone’s bivouac

To Bygone’s bivouac
Every Today will fall
Its dusty streets of looking back
Fill many a madrigal 

Yet, many a madrigal
Can never take the place
Of what we hold in moment-gold
Drip-dripping into space

© Janet Martin

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