Saturday, November 15, 2014

...The Dance Beneath My Feet

This life is like a meeting place
Of times that slip through our embrace
The heave and ho of hold-let-go
Molds tender love-lines to the face
For as we strive to learn each step
Time changes what we must accept

To never love because we fear
The dance that moves us year through year
Across a floor toward the door
Of parting’s sweet farewell and tear
Would be to miss the kiss of bliss
That have-and-hold and let-go is

We stumble, fall, rise up; stand tall
Grasping at wherefores of it all
While, all the while we brave the smiles
Of love’s brutal beckoning call
For we were made for such as this
The touch, the taste, the farewell kiss

How seamlessly the seasons flow
From bud to leaves upon the snow
How smooth the glass of come-to-pass
Refurbishes its hold-let-go
And we, for all Time's moment-gold
Cannot keep one wink in our hold
Yet, lonesome loveless life would be
This great undoing part of me
Suffers because that which once was
Sometimes returns in sympathy
To whisper wisdom bittersweet
And teach the dance beneath my feet

© Janet Martin

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